Architextures not working

I enabled an Architectures extension but everytime I try to upload a material it doesn’t upload.I use to have the 2021 Sketch-up pro and it was working well.

I receive the below notification after clicking upload
“SSL_connect returned=1 ermo=0 state=error: certificate verify failed( self signed certificate chain”


moved to extension, this is not an extension warehouse feature request, it’s a problem with an existing extension :slight_smile:

could you tell us at least the name of the extension ? maybe someone else around here uses it too and can check.

also, have you contacted directly the dev / company behind it ?

I think it’s Architextures the plugin he is talking about.

if so, it works fine here.

but that would make sense. this is a SSL certificate problem, architexture uses chromium to access the tool’s webpage. could be network, or something like that ?

I added the name of the extension to the title as well. As was asked earlier, have you emailed the creators? They maintain both the extension as well as the backed server… if there is an issue, they would be the ones to know how to fix it.