Architectural symbol? Break lines

Is there an architectural symbol extension for drawing break lines in drawings- either in SU or LO? How do you usually do them?

I make my own in LO. They’re trivial to do so I’ve never bothered to make break lines to add to a scrapbook. You could add them in a scrapbook if you want to, though… I was supposed to post an example for someone yesterday and got sidetrack so I’ll do it tonight when I get home from work.

I wouldn’t use them in SketchUp since they would require breaking the model.

Here’s one example of break lines I created in LayOut. The two viewports use different parts of the same scene from SU.

Easily drawn with the Line tool. No need for an extension.

How did you get the break lines to overlay/cover up the SU lines? Or did you build the model in SU with interrupted lines?


I used two separate viewports of the same SU scene. The gap between the viewports is the width of the the space between break lines.

There’s no need to break the components up in SU and that would create other problems.


I see now- I thought the 2 viewports were referring to the two views. I’m new to LO- did you use clipping masks to crop the viewports or is there another way to crop them?

I don’t exactly know how Dave splits the viewports but I imagine it’s something like this he’s trying to tell you…

Nope. I did something like IanT showed although I have an easier way to get the alignment involving Copy and Paste.

Click on the picture.

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How do you get it to do that? When I click on the viewport and get that symbol and drag it- it scales the model down rather than cropping it.

Well, sort of scales it down and moves it.

Tick the box for Preserve Scale on Resize. Then dragging the edge of the viewport won’t affect the apparent size of the model. This box will get ticked automatically if the scene in SketchUp is set to Parallel Projection and you select a scale in the SketchUp Model utility window.

Screenshot - 1_1_2018 , 10_41_46 PM


what software you use to capture that simple instructional animation?


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I use Licecap. Also search the forum for “presenting gifs to use in the forum”. There’s some other options too. I can’t link on my phone.

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Got it!
Thanks Ian and Dave for your assistance on this. Sometimes the basic stuff can be so beguiling.


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