Architectural Section Cut Textures

Can anyone help me with finding typical textures for architectural plans & sections, like cross-hatching for insulation, double hatching for brickwork etc, please.
Is there an existing source of these?

Try this one from @TIG At Sketchucation, it is free.

Or Skalp 88 USD

Start with the “Patterns” section of the Materials browser. It has some quite usable ones.

I obviously was not clear here. What I’m after is not a way of displaying textures on cut faces, that is easy enough, but ready-made standard architectural textures for displaying different materials in sections, like the double hatch for brickwork etc.

Hello, that won’t be possible in SketchUp natively. You’ll only be able to pick a color for section cuts and section fills.
It can be done with skalp plugin
Or in layout.

Thanks all.
My work-around is to use textures/materials on the inside surfaces of the objects cut through. What I was looking for is the specific textures used in architectural drawings for different materials. I have created some of these now in a different program and imported them. Problem solved.
Now need a way to create my own materials file.