ArchiCAD to SketchUp - Best Practices

how about:


file is 2Gb…
the client was wondering why his computer was lagging.

That is getting crazy big!

my current projects are
44m edges, 14m faces, 284k components.

7m edges, 2.3m faces, 40k components, 89k groups.

These sizes aren’t unusual for me.
The first model , biggest, has trees and vehicles adding to the stats. But it operates smoothly (saving takes ages of course, 500mb). It has relatively few ‘nestings’.
The second model with all the groups is the problem (buildngs imported from archicad) and simple things like showing the component browser window can can several minutes (every time).

So i beleive theres some back ground process to the way things get nested/referenced that slows sketchup down a lot…specifically the component and material browsers (materials is an awful situation because it pops up every time you use the Fill tool!)

Two years on - is there any known solution to this?

BTW it’s not just Archicad that produces files with lots of unique groups or components; Revit, vectorworks and other software does similar.

It seems modern “BIM” products are geared to outputting unique groups/entities tagged with properties such as “light fixture G-14.1… light fixture G-14.2…”

It’s becoming a signficant barrier to workflow in a multi-software industry.