AR kit tape measures and room capture

I’m sure a raft of these apps will be appearing soon and obvious accuracy issues aside, I’ve tried a couple and they are certainly within the realms of usefulness, but TapMeasure actually sends you a .Skp file of the room capture.
I thought it would just be a rough and ready outline but it identifies vertical planes after you have set the ceiling height as well so you can add and tag doors and windows.

As a bit of a test, I used it yesterday at a clients, where they wanted to remove/ alter some walls between four rooms and reconfigure some furniture, so rather than do a full measure, I used TapMeasure to record the 4 rooms with door an window locations, the app sends you a link to the .skp to your email, I DL’d the files, cut and pasted them into single file on my MacBook and did a quick to scale outline sketch scheme including furniture, sat with the client in about 15 mins, she thought it was brilliant!
I was a bit skeptical of these apps but actually in that sort of scenario for fairly accurate simple room capture it worked really well. I haven’t really done any comparison measures yet asi was pushed for time (I assume distance might be a factor with AR kit???) but getting an immediate sketchup file is very useful. There is no iPad specific app yet but it works in the usual scaled up iPhone manner.

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