Apse niche in a wall

I’m trying to create an apse in a wall, and I’m a bit stumped. I know there is a very simple solution, but I’m scratching my head with it. Any suggestions or an animated gif would be greatly appreciated.


Several possible methods.

Do you need the fluting in the top section? Or would an image do?

Basic shape is a rectangle plus a quarter circle, rotated using FollowMe.

Make the half circle as just that - half a circle. Rotate the full circle by half a segment, so the ends of the semicircle are perpendicular to the axis. Then draw a line across to split the circle, delete half, and select the other half as the path for FollowMe.


And here’s an approximation of the scalloping. Not exact, but probably good enough.

That was tricky.

I drew a small end face which you can see at the front.

I then used FollowMe to make a uniform quarter circle of that profile around a vertical axis.

I then selected each cross section in turn round the shape, and scaled it on Blue to a proportional height, and repeated that scaling on the Red/Green scale handles.

Made that a component, then arrayed it around the green axis from the midpoint of the back of the domed part of the apse.

Finally, did a little more tweaking with the Scale tool to get the edges more-or-less to match.

Here’s the model:
Apse with scalloping.skp (1.5 MB)

I haven’t attempted the sculptured shell - I wouldn’t know how to do that.

Maybe someone else could have a go at that?

These are great! Thank you!

Here’s a link to a tutorial on making a scalloped shell. It uses a lofting plug-in.



Awesome. This is all so helpful.

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