Applying a label on beer bottle: Image all chopped up

Hi wizards!!
I have been trying to apply a label on a beer bottle but i keep getting chopped up images

I have a PNG which is transparent but I must have the SKP bottle surface wrong
any suggestions?
beer_bottle_01.skp (401.8 KB)

First, correct the face orientation on the bottle. White faces out. Paint both the back and front faces with the default material.

Next, align the texture image with the bottle. You don’t have to do this but it makes it easier. Then right click on it and choose Texture>Projected. Sample it with the eye dropper in the Materials window and click on the bottle. You only have about half the bottle’s entire image so divide the bottom in half vertically and paint the texture onto the front half.

By the way, you can find something better than Leinie’s Red Pale Ale can’t you. :smiley:

The real Leinie’s out of Chippewa Falls is good enough…in small doses. :wink:

thanks Dave I will try!
Cant comment on the beer… conflict!!!

and havent tried it yet
any chance you can send me the correct skp?

When I get home.

i did it !!!
lol… ok U did but Thanks for the tips

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So you don’t need me to post it?

Here is a Skill Builder video pertaining to the projection of a texture onto a bottle


Thx DaveR I’m all good!

Thanks ChrisD
Ill watch

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