App crashes on IOS 17.5.1 iPhone 12

I have uploaded a 92MB model to my sketchup app however when I attempt to open the model to view, the app crashes. I have removed and reinstalled the app to no avail. I appreciate any assistance please.

Maybe the model is too demanding. Try it with a significantly smaller/ simpler model to see if that works…

I just uploaded a 1MB file and it opened without issue. This tells me the app is functioning however, if I am unable to open the project model in the field due to its size, this app as a tool is worthless.

Which phone do you have? Could we try your 92 MB file, to see what it is that is especially demanding?

Hello Colin,

I am using an iPhone 12 however my field staff uses iPad’s.

Please let me know this link worked.

Thank you for assisting me!


The files work ok on my iPhone and iPad, but mine are higher end models.

The model has over 7 million edges, and so would be demanding for some desktop machines as well. Did the data come from Revit? Of the 1100 components in the model, many are repeats of the same item, but were made to be different components when importing.

Some of the materials in the model are very big. Here’s a version where all I did was reduce the materials to a more sensible size. It’s 20 MB smaller with only that change:

That may be more workable for older iPads.

Other people may have suggestions about how to optimize components after importing from Revit.

This is great information which now spawns numerous questions. I created the model from scratch. I am interested to know how I can reduce the texture size. Is there an easy way to “clean up” the components that are duplicates?

I used this extension to reduce the materials from as much as >5000 across, to be at most 256x256, which is detailed enough for most uses:

I hadn’t tried it before, but there is this extension that will find components that are the same geometry, and make them use the same definition:

I tried it on your file, and it reduced the number of component definitions from >1100 to 909. The number of instances came down as well, from >11000 to <5000, though that may have happened if I only purged unused items.

Here’s the file again, with the smaller materials and the components optimized:

The number of edges has come down from over 7 million to less than 4 million. That is still a lot of edges, and some things in the model may be more detailed than they need to be.

The optimizing I did so far should make a noticeable improvement on the team’s iPads.

Apple allocates different amounts of memory to different devices depending on their spec - it is possible that a model can work ok one device ok, but another device isn’t allocated enough memory by IOS/Apple and therefore crashes.

Your workstations might have 16 or 32gb of system memory available to them and then dedicated graphics memory , however the very latest pro models of iPhone and i.Pad have around 6gb available to them and this is shared between system/graphics memory.

Thank you for the time you have spent with me Colin. Your guidance has been very valuable! I am anxious to see how this functions today in the field.

I first encountered the same crash with my 146MB file on iPhone 12, but it’s working like a charm and very smooth with no crash after I turned on “Use classic graphics engine” in the bottom left in the settings. Enjoy your wonderful project :wink:

Thank you!! What a simple trick!!