Anyone have simple 2D plans to model for class?


The last project in our basic sketch up class calls for us to model a 3D firepit from a set of 2D plans. However I think this project takes way too many hours to finish especially for a beginner class. Also, I don’t think it has all the information needed to complete it properly.

I’m looking to replace that project with another. I tried googling, but it’s mostly one page floor plans which is similar to a project we already have.

Any suggestions or ideas? Im attaching pics of the current project.


You really should take this up with the instructor not with us!


I believe @Carididdy is the instructor, looking to reorganise the current course content…



Assistant Instructor


Does it have to be a fire pit or some architectural thing?


Can be anything, though I would like it to be more than one page.


This floor plan is one of the projects. with door/window components. Its after this that they try the virtual mock up. Most students just try to model their own stuff instead, which is perfectly fine.

Tho some students would like another project. And I just dont think that firepit is it.


It seems you are right. My apologies @Carididdy.


You’ve been very helpful to me this week! Except for your first comment on this post. :rofl:

Thanks for all your help.


Hi, I will send you one of my class practice. I did not make one in English, so see if you can make sense of it.


I have had success using floor plans from old Aladdin Kit Home catalogs.

Carlton.pdf (698.2 KB)

Carlton Floor Plan.pdf (25.8 KB)