Anyone Drawn A Baseball Glove?

I am drawing some trophy cases for a Major League Baseball team’s stadium and have been asked to include, in the drawing, a drawing of the trophies to scale.

So far, I have found (on 3D Warehouse) a drawing (fairly accurate) of a World Series Trophy and I drew up a Silver Slugger Trophy myself.

I need to draw up a Golden Glove Trophy and the base is pretty simple, but the glove itself seems out of my league. Anyone drawn one up that would be willing to share?


I have the Silver Slugger Trophy that I drew - though I am not sure how to post that drawing in here. And I have the actual Gold Glove Trophies in my possession, on loan from the club. I am not sure how to take an image of that and drop it into Sketchup in 3d - I have done it with flat images but will play with that now.


I see other posts that have an actual SU image in the thread, but how one accomplishes that is beyond me.

The above is the Silver Slugger Trophy I banged out quickly yesterday - I grabbed the bat for the drawing off of 3D Warehouse.

[quote=“cwkilleen, post:5, topic:60781”]w
how one accomplishes that is beyond me.

Click the 7th icon from the left and follow the on screen directions to upload your file.


Thanks - Much appreciated

Apparently I still do not have the hang of it lol. Apologies for my ignorance, I was just trying to give an idea of the level of detail I am looking for.

Going to play around with stretch an imported image of the trophy into my drawing - Though I am not quite sure how to do this with a clear background.

My inexperience combined with a lack of expertise is magnified with this current project - I use SU and Layout for my shop drawings (custom woodwork) but am very rarely doing any king of rendering work and never have I drawn something as organic as a baseball glove.

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