Any way to view sketchup files in VR without Sketchup Pro?

I’m working with an interior designer who has created a sketchup file for me. I’d love to walk around it with a VR headset, but Sketchup charges $300 (per year) for this feature. I’m not a creator, I won’t ever use any other feature of Sketchup Pro besides the VR viewing, and $300 is awfully steep for a viewer. Is there a third-party tool that can view Sketchup files with a VR headset? [router login] (

For 99USD there’s Symmetry Alpha, which has been discontinued though. Otherwise you could use the trial version of SimLab Composer, which should do just fine.

You can also sign up for a trial of SketchUp.
What VR viewer do you have?
The mobile viewers are free, btw but have an option to buy the AR feature for $ 10 per year.
This feature is also available when trialing SketchUp Pro