Any way to do it easier?

Hey guys, how’s going?
Has any plugin or that create automatic scenes from my selected objects?
just like: I’ve a new sidebed table. For i to detail it, i need to create any scene from all sides of this object.
I had install the CADUP, but it don’t create new scenes.
Anyone knows any extension that turns it possible?
Generate 6 new scenes from my object? 1 top view, 1 bottom view and 1 new view of any other side.

You’re talking about having multiple views of the object while you work on it, right? You basically want to see the top, side, and whatever other angles change in real time?

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That’s not what I read from “Generate 6 new scenes from my object.”


no, i need to create new scenes from my object. like “Front Scene, Left Scene…”

Do you know any extension? I work a lot with furtunites, made it automaticly, will hope me so much… Save this time, could to help me be more efficient.

If have any way of do it fasten, will really save my time.

Oh. Thanks for u reply. i’ll to try keep serching for this tool.

thanks for it. But, won’t work for my necessaries. I will keep searching. thanks.

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Dezmo’s solution, or…

make your own template. create an empty file, add your scenes, save as template.



Almost perfect. I liked it.
Will work great, if it generate those scenes for any select object probably was perfect… But will works for me. Thanks, bro. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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