Any success using LiDAR camera and then working in SU for iPad?


My work involves a lot of measuring buildings and creating 3D models of them in SketchUp for iPad. I would love be able to use an iPhone with LiDAR and scan the building and then import the file into SU for iPad.
One problem is that SU for iPad only imports skp, png, and jpg files.
Has anyone found a way to import a scan into SU for iPad?

Thanks in advance for your help

and DWG, DXF (Google search)

There is also online converters.

Hello Mihai
Yes, those are the only file formats that SU for iPad imports, as I mentioned.
Why do you mention dwg and dxf? Have you seen a way to import those?

Without an iPad, I just looked at what it says on the official SketchUp page and saw that it imports DWG/DXF.

Hope that @MikeTadros could confirm that DWG can be imported and how. Thanks!

Try to open SketchUp Web in safari, upload a dae file with it and continue working later with SketchUp for iPad… Is not the most efficient way but it works. If you use 3DScanner App you can export your scan to .dae

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Ah yes. Thanks.
I just tried importing both a .dxf and a .dwg file to SU for iPad and it worked. These were both 3D files.
So I guess the problem is converting one of the file formats that one of the LiDAR apps exports to.

I suspected, so I already gave you a solution for this in the first post.


Thank you, Mike Tadros, the dwg import issue is resolved!

I looked for online converters and found a couple that work to convert .obj to .dwg files and then I found one that converts .obj directly to .skp (SketchUp) files. It’s at

@rtches: Great idea. Thanks

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