Any recent OpenEXR library change in SketchUp 2022 on Windows?


We develop the Maxwell Render plugin for SketchUp. Recently, on Windows and in SketchUp 2022 only, we started noticing that our plugin crashes when trying to load an EXR file (as an emitter or as an environment file). We use OpenEXR libraries but have not made any changes related.
Has something changed in that regard on the SketchUp side in the latest updates?

Thank you!

What version of the libraries have you been using ?

Thank you, Dan.

It seems we are using version 2.2.0 so, probably, it’s too old. However, as it is embedded in our own dll we have to compile the whole package again (engine and plugins). It’s a bit of a pain.

Yea, v2.2.0 is 8 years old.

Look at the release notes for the successive versions. You might find it easier to update to the latest 2.x version, as it looks like for v3.x they made fundamental changes.

Thank you, Dan!

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Maybe your runtime dependencies are too old? If you depended on the runtimes that SketchUp used many years ago. These get updated regularly.