Maxwell for SketchUp Pro 2017

Has anyone had any success installing their Maxwell for SketchUp (V.3) plugin on SketchUp Pro 2017?
I’ve written to Next Limit (Maxwell), but haven’t heard back.

Going by what happen with SU2016, we will have to wait for an update for Maxwell V3. I think it was 2-3 weeks after the after the SU release last year.

There is a small chance that we may not get a update for version 3 as version 4 is the current version :confused:

I fear you are right…

Considering I purchased v3 just prior to their issue of version 4 (great timing I know), that would be a real kick in the teeth.

I’ve been trying to ask Next Limit support about the issue. It took them 4 days to respond to my question and all they did is ask if it was listed in my extensions in preferences. (SU2017 doesn’t have such a list as it uses a new extension manager).
I responded saying as much and it’s been 5 days again without a reply. I can’t find a phone number or even an address for the company anywhere! Very odd.

Maybe I’ll give up on them altogether and go with another renderer.

I could be wrong on this, but I imagine that if you own a licence for version 3, you would be entitled to a licence for version 4. But this probably wouldn’t solve your problem anyway because version 4 is unlikely to be compatible with SU2017.

This is what I was hoping, but I haven’t been successful in my attempts.
The Maxwell license does say that it does not include upgrades, but considering the time-frame, maybe they make exceptions (inside of 6 months for example).
I’ll have another look at this and let you know.

I don’t believe v3 will be updated for su2017 due to incompatibilities in the Ruby versions.I think it’ll be v4 only, the plugin developer is working on it currently, if you have a squizz at the Maxwell plugin forum, you can see what going on there.

Hey, we might be lucky and get v3 updated but v4 will get done first.

Treedee, if you still wish to upgrade your version 3 there a ‘Exclusive Black Friday Promo; 40% OFF New Licenses and 50% OFF Upgrades’

Thanks bifterx and NZSnowman,

I appreciate your input.

A good deal on the upgrade for sure!

However, I am not terribly inclined to give nextlimit any more money considering the fact that after more than two weeks, I’m still awaiting a response to my customer “support” inquiry. That’s pretty poor. The fact that they don’t have any clear phone number or address either is a bit odd to me as well.

After only 6 months use of my previous license only, and now not even being able to use it at all, I’m thinking I may just jump over to a more reliable provider such as vray. Shame - I was a fan of maxwell until recently.

I’ll keep you posted if they ever get back to me with any updates.

I have also been trying to get V3 working on 2017 without success. Very frustrating having to save back model to 2016. I have sent an email to next limit but if anyone knows if V4 works I would be interested. Thanks

I had the same issue. I posted a request on Maxwell’s website a few times and each time was getting the same administrative and dry reply stating that I could not use Maxwell anymore. I used it for less than a year. I call it robbery. I sent a last request a few days ago and am waiting to hear back from them. If it doesn’t work, I will just go to another rendered. There are plenty of them now (Enscape, Thea, Brighter3D, etc…).

I found this on their website, but it is very blurry and it is not clear how it should be installed and with which version it works.

Sorry, I forgot to add the info I found on their website. Here it is:


We have just uploaded a new version of the plugin for SketchUp that adds compatibility with SketchUp 2018 .

Hopefully, it will let you enjoy Maxwell inside the brand new version of SketchUp. The plugin is version 4.1.8 and you can download it from the portal for both Windows and MacOS: Next Limit - Portal

It’s only a compatibility update, so the release notes are not profuse at all: … on+History

Best regards,

Hi everyone. I have installed Maxwell plugin for Sketchup 2017 but thus is the problem i have

when i open firewindow and other maxwell tools but maxwell studio (standalone) works okay outside sketchup. How do i fix this can someone help? Im using maxwell plugin version 4.2.1