Any iPhone users have this problem?

This is a potential Viewer bug

Of late when signing-in with my iPhone 13 (os 15.4.1) I only see Trimble’s main screen with no place to sign in. This is true for the original warehouse viewer as well as Connect. No matter how I get to the site, via search engine or app the same thing happens. My Older Powerbook opens these sites fine, but fitting that into my pocket is impossible… as is an iPad.
I am an early adapter of Sketchbook and have used my phone to show clients and interested parties my work for years. Please reach out and do whatever is needed to get me back on track.

Try disabling pop-ups in the Settings > Safari app:

Thank you Mike but enabling or disabling the blocker has no effect on the site’s ability to show a text input area.

This appears to be an issue with VPN. I disconnected Nord and I’m back in the saddle again. VPN will automatically reconnect in an hour so I’ll learn if Sketchup will also go off the rails. Nice to know how to get around the issue.