Any fixes for a mouse (and/or trackpad) that's impossibly slow?

Hello - this is my fist post. I’ve been using Sketchup Free for many years here and there for simple home projects. Small 3D models, nothing too sophisticated or large.

I use SketchUp for Web (freemium) on an iMac 2017 (27") with MacOS Ventura 13.6.4 (22G513) in Chrome version 122.0.6261.94 (Official Build) (x86_64) and a Radeon Pro 580 8 GB Graphic card. I have an Apple Magic Mouse (model A1657) and an Apple Trackpad (model 1339).

In more than one of my project drawings, both my mouse & trackpad are impossibly & unusably slow and sluggish. (Trying one at a time, of course). I tried looking for Mac OS updates (none available), rebooting, running disc util, rebooting again, logging out & in anew in SketchUp, rebooting & charging my mouse more than the 44% it was, new batteries in the Trackpad, flipping various SketchUp settings for the mouse/trackpad, moving to Safari version 17.3.1 (18617., 18617) but none help.

I am only using one Bluetooth pointing device at a time (Trackpad rarely used and always powered off when unused). My only other Bluetooth device is an Apple keyboard (model 1644). No other Bluetooth devices in use (no headphones, no phones or iPads syncing via Bluetooth). No other RF/wireless devices within a few feet of the mouse & keyboard (I think, ruling out RF interference - I spent a couple decades at FCC RF testing labs). My WiFi devices are 20 feet away in another room - and I’ve been using SketchUp for Web with no such mouse problems for 6+ years with the same basic equipment, setup and proximities.

Any other things to try? Help me Obiwan Kenobi, you’re my only hope. And THANKS!

Dose this “slowness” happen on a fresh empty file? What is the size (mb) of the files that feel laggy or slow?

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I know its obvious but have you checked your system settings for the mouse and the trackpad to ascertain that they are not set to be slow?

Hello & thanks for your reply!

Yes, those overall mouse settings are fine and working great in all my other applications: several at a time, such as several other webpages (even other tabs within the same browser), Apple Photos, Preview (PDFs), spreadsheets, Apple Music, Settings, Finder - these all have very responsive mouse action with no stuttering like SketchUp has. It’s a strange one.

Thanks! Have a great day! I’ll keep trying more things.

Winner Winner - Chicken Dinner! In a newly created file - the mouse works great. This suggests my existing files have some corruption or lack of joy somewhere.

The two files that I’ve checked are 368 kb & 306 kb. I checked 4 addition files just now, two (395 kb & 429 kb) have poor mouse response, two others are fine (225 kb & 256 kb). The two that are fine are the oldest (from June 2022).

Maybe I should purge old models? (I have this setting set to “ask” - but I don’t recall it ever asking.) The maximum number of Components (I created myself) is 24 in the poorly performing files). And I have never used any Warehouse items. I could start erasing things - or maybe there is a “save as” that can clear old unused junk out?

Thanks for the help.

Since these files are not very big, can you upload them so that one of us can get a look to find what might be causing the problem.

You could create a new model (sketchup file) and then copy & paste all the content from yout slow model into this new file.
If it runs slow then you’ll know its the model’s geometry or materials causing the slowness. Look for foreign characters in material names. Look for objects with their Axis set a long way from the camera (try exploding them).

If it runs well then you could suspect settings such as visual styles, or a corrupt file.

These are tiny file sizes, and a corrupt file in SketchUp for web would be very odd. It could be a calculation intensive rendering style is employed on those files, like having shadows or profiles turned on. Download one of the “slow” files to your computer then upload the file in a response here on the forum so we can open and check the file.

OK, thank again,

I pasted all the content into a new file and mouse sluggishness remains.

I downloaded and I’ve attached the sluggish file in question. It’s named Trash.skp.

Trash.skp (362.1 KB)

Your model is very responsive with SU Pro 2022 on Macbook Pro 15 inches 2017 running Mac OS 12.6.3 (Ventura).

You have a few faces that are reversed (bluish gray).

Your barrels don’t have an internal skin.

Your framing has no thickness.

I will try it on SU Web.

I tried it and it works very well.

Thank you. I am only trying to produce rough, 2D paper print outs to communicate the design to an unsophisticated metal vendor. The welded framing will be built by hand. The vendor has hollow 2x2 or angle iron of various thicknesses. I am drawing both, but am leaning toward angle iron to lower the weight and ease the labor. The barrels are rough place holders of the trash cans that I will purchase. (The vendor doesn’t know what an NC machine is - not that there’s anything wrong with that :slight_smile: )

Other than displaying differently, I’m not sure of any real world consequences of faces being reverse colors given my simplistic needs. (Is this caused by drawing the surfaces in a different order?)

And I’m only concerned about the outer dimension of the barrels.

Good finds, thanks for the kind “heads up” on these topics - these will help me down the road.

Hello all,

My trouble is magically solved. I thought I’d follow up so this thread can be marked “resolved.”

Yesterday (Sunday) the sluggishness was still happening. But this morning the same troublesome file works beautifully! Whew!

I’m not sure if someone behind the scenes fixed the problem in my file, but it’s solved. The randomness of the universe comes through again! Thanks universe - who & where ever you are. You have earned my “Master All-Being of Spacetime & Dimension” badge.

[It finally dawned on me this morning - (I’m a little slow some times) - that to find the trouble in my file I could have copied one component or a subset of the objects into a new file, one-at-a-time, to see if the sluggishness shows up - thus revealing the culprit object(s).]

Thanks for all the help everyone! Have a great and amazing life and afterlife (if you believe in that kinda thing).

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