Any command can quit all the extension of the current UI?


Any command exist in Ruby Api to exit or deactivate all plugins and return the original UI of Sketchup? Thank you.


You can invoke


and the next time you start Sketchup, plugins won’t be loaded. Set it false and restart SketchUp to make them load again. For extensions, you can do

Sketchup.extensions.each {|ext| ext.unchecked}

again, this won’t take effect until you restart SketchUp.

Getting Ruby to “forget” about currently loaded plugins is more complicated.


Another option is create a shortcut to disable the plugins load.

/DisableRubyAPI or -DisableRubyAPI


Disabling Ruby Scripts — SketchUp Help


Alternatively - download and install the SketchUcation Plugin Toolset’s RBZ

It has a Plugins-Manager - you just select all Enabled Plugins, and use the Red-button to Disable them. and restart SketchUp.

Later on you can choose to Enable a few of your Plugins, either permanently [Green] or for that session only [Orange].

Note that the ‘ShippedExtensions’ which come with SketchUp will be auto-copied by SketchUp into your Plugins folder - including su_advancedcameratools, su_dynamiccomponents, su_sandbox and su_webtextures - although you might have selected for some of these Extensions to be ‘disabled’ so they aren’t immediately available to use…