Another way to draw a line that follows a round corner?

Hi everybody.

I’d like you to confirm that intersect can only be used with faces, lines aren’t enough to make intersections as far as I know.

is there any another way to draw a line around this corner?

I think this way can work, but if the corner is composed but lot of segments I think it’s hard to select the endpoint as I did.

The example file is this:

corner.skp (92.7 KB)

Thanks in advance.

It is called Intersect Faces.

If edges close a loop, the face inside the loop will be divided.

What, exactly are you trying to do? There are other ways to create a collection of edges running around a curved surface. Which one is appropriate depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Why would it be difficult to select the endpoint? It doesn’t have to be. As far as that goes, if you pre-select the segments, you don’t need to grab an endpoint to move a copy down.

Hi @DaveR, thank you as always.

1. What, exactly are you trying to do?
Nothing specific, the doubt came to me when I was trying to think how to draw a box of cigarettes, something like this, at least in my country.

Why would it be difficult to select the endpoint?

To make it stick on the proper position you have to move selecting the very beginning of the corner.
This round corner has 12 segments, it’s not a big deal, but what if they would be 100?
How can you make sure you’re selecting the first, the second or the third one?

For situations like this, would you draw the line as I did in the first .gif?

I guess I cannot use a line to intersect that round corner, something like this.

But I could do this (but not sure if this would be the optimal way):

Thank you.

No you don’t

100 segments would be ridiculous overkill for this but even if it was 100 segments, it wouldn’t matter which one you are selecting.

No. Not if you want the split in the box to be angled. The curve would not have the correct shape to match the radius on the corner of the box.

A line doesn’t provide enough information about where you want to cut the box so there’s no way it would be useful by itself. That’s basic geometry.

Rotate the horizontal face in your last angle and use Intersect Faces to create the angled edge around the box.

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Thank you for the explanation :wink:

You were rightI don’t need to move making click on the very beginning of the shape I can keep constraints with the axes or parallel to some edge.

And yes, I can make intersect faces but probably the other way is faster.

A round corner with 100 segments was a exageration as a example, I know, and I know what it causes, slower processing, bigger file size and so, not necessary. But it’s clear now I know I can move it from up to bottom without problems.

Thank you.

I’m pretty sure that’s banned in the UK now, both the thinking and drawing…


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