Another Eneroth Autoweld License issue

@colin When you get a minute, can you fix the the settings for Eneroth Weld license. I installed it in 2024, the message is to go to the warehouse to purchase a license (that I already have ).

I could see what the problem was. Try now.

It’s still looking for a license. :slightly_frowning_face:

Uninstall the extension, then install it again.

Good to go , THANKS :blush:

I am also having the same issue with Eneroth Scene Tag Visibility as I set up SU 2024. I have uninstalled and installed again from the extension warehouse. What should I do?

@colin , can you assist @Maxder with his issue?

I found the account you use for extensions, and fixed a problem there. You would have seen the same thing with 2DXY SlickMoves. I fixed that as well.

All good. Thanks so much Colin, appreciate the fast turnaround.