Animations: does sketchup 'detect' and smooth camera points on curves?

I notice that animations appear to follow a circular path even if the camera points are set at only the 12 o clock and 6 o clock radial positions. Does it, therefore, follow that positioning points at the extreme ends of any curve will cause the camera to automatically will follow the curve set between them? I ask this as it is proving otherwise impossible to generate a smooth ‘flight path’ without ‘jolting’ changes of direction at each camera point.

Your speaking of animations between scene pages ?

For more control you might want to scripting a Ruby Animation class.
Or try one of the FlightPath type of plugins. has both a free and paid edition.

Thanks.I have (I think) downloaded this thing. It is currently sat on my desktop as white folder with flightpath.rb written underneath it. How do I get it into my Sketchup model?

if you ‘zip’ a .rb, and change the .zip to .rbz, you can instal it through the normal SU >> Preferences >> Extensions >> Add Extension route…


Sorry, I’m completely baffled now!
The white folder icon is sat on the desktop. When I double-click (or right click) I get upwards of a dozen file/zip openers, most of which cost about £1 or so. Why doesn’t the Flightpath come with something that makes this easy and straightforward to do?

I said: has both a free and paid edition.

You must have downloaded the paid edition. It would require a key that you would need to pay for.

Dan, he’s saying he gets lists of programs to handle .rb files, all available for purchase. This is for the free version he downloaded (.rb file).

I’ve provided him instructions via email, and hopefully we can announce soon that it’s all resolved.

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See the instructions…

Installing Ruby Plugins (Extensions) — SketchUp Help

ThanksTo the people commenting on my failure to sending stuff over: I can’t! I’ve tried left click; right click; drag & drop. Nothing. When I attempt to drag the file into your allocated space the word ‘Move’ just appears beneath he big red icon. Nothing else happens!

Um, are you perchance responding in the wrong topic? This sounds like discussion of your difficulties uploading a model for us to examine in Wire framework persisting after solid shape deleted or hidden - #9 by spogadog. Regarding that, you want to click this icon at the top of the message edit window

That will open a dialog asking you to select the file. In some cases you can drag and drop a file onto the message edit window here on the forum and that will upload it automatically without opening the dialog, but the dialog will always work.

Regarding installing plugins, please read what Geo posted. If the plugin file is a .rb file, you need to place it into the appropriate folder, but that isn’t accomplished by dragging it onto the SketchUp icon! If the plugin is a .rbz file, you install it using the Preferences->Extensions menu in SketchUp, which again isn’t drag-n-drop.

I got this going ok, or so I thought. The file is only a simple panelled door, yet the download only gets to 8 percent before going back to zero. It’s done that three times now.

I know: I’m a natural with this stuff!

As per yesterday: I created the simplest shape I could think of, a cube, dragged it across and it commenced downloading as before. Whole thing fell apart AGAIN at 8%.


Ta. That looks a lot more straightforward than the thing I’m wrestling with at the moment. Will have a go in the morning.