Animation Export Question

I have been trying to export an animation of a series of sections, achieved using scenes and section planes. Whenever I view the animation after exporting, I notice that the left and right sides of the frames get cut off. I’ve tried using the standard sizes (1080, 720, etc), even custom to no avail. I’ve been aware of this for awhile and I would accommodate accordingly as a workaround, meaning setting up the scenes with the margins in mind. However, in this particular project, I want a specific view framed as I see it in the work area, since the longitudinal section is so long zooming out any further would start to lose information.

Screenshot of my workarea:

And this is what is exported, comparing the image above to the animation below, the view is not ideal. This is not the full length video, this is just of the first scene exported to illustrate my issue.

Is this just how the exporting works and I have to deal with it or is there a fix? Thanks!

I seem to recall that the aspect ratio of exported videos is constrained to standard shapes, but I haven’t looked at it in a while.