Animating drawers Y axis

Not sure if the animate code has changed or if I have just doing something different or wrong, but I no longer seem to be able to animate my drawer movements.

I have made my grouped drawers into separate components, accessed component attributes, selected position (leaving all three axis’), selected behaviour ‘on click’, and I am using the code ANIMATE(“Y”,55.4,-94.08) on the bedside table drawers.

I am getting the error code ‘ERROR: Invalid entity to animate: (“Y”)’ whenever a click it with the interact finger.

Very confusing and I hope someone can help.

SketchUp model attached.
Master headboard.skp (121.2 KB)

You are using ‘curly quotes’ or ‘smart quotes’, not straight double quotes round the attribute Y. You need to change them to straight quotes.

To do that, change your Keyboard settings. On my own Mojave machine, it’s in Keyboard/Text and there’s a checkbox towards the lower right labelled Use smart quotes and dashes. Uncheck it, then retype your quotes in Component Attributes.


That fixes it, and clicking with the Animate tool now works.

this worked perfectly. Many thanks

I had actually just bought a new MacBook Pro with US keyboard and installed Big Sur OS. Assumed this must have had something to do with it as my animation code otherwise looked fine.