Animated Presentation in LayOut

Is it possible to do something like this PowerPoint presentation in LayOut?
Animated 3D Model in PowerPoint

You really need to watch the full video to get the whole point. :grinning:

LayOut doesn’t support movies or animated gifs at this time so unfortunately no, that’s not possible.

The actions in the video do not include movies or animated gifs. The actions are with the models themselves.

You can try the Presentation mode in LayOut for yourself.

Thanks Dave

My laptop died so I cannot try it myself. :unamused:

This is only part of what can be done in PPT though. In PPT you can include an animated 3D model and add some interactivity on a slide. I do not see that in LayOut.

I have to admit that my purpose for this thread was to maybe encourage/suggest some enhancements even though I cannot use it myself.