Angles off by less than .001 degrees

I’ve been using Sketchup since Sketchup 2015, and I just started having this problem.

Straight lines in my model spontaneously become changed by less than .001 degree. I started noticing this when I did two things: I switched to Sketchup 2017, and I changed my “Angle Units” (Model Info -> Units) from 0 to 0.000. This happens to models that I’ve created before and after this happened. Here is an example of what I am talking about:[details=Summary][/details]
This is a line that was completely straight before. Now, if I try to connect the two points, that red square shows up saying Constrained on Line from Point. However, it shows up as ~90.000 degrees when I use the protractor
I would have no problem with this, as it still allows me to make faces, but if I make any change to the lines or face, the materials on the faces are reset, and another blank face forms in the exact same spot (meaning when I delete the reset face, there’s another blank face right below). I’ve tried resetting the axes, and the only thing that helps is how it shows up on the protractor, but the faces are still having problems.

Any help or input would be appreciated

Changing (Angle) precision doesn’t influence Sketchup’s accuracy. It changes display precision only.
Also I don’t think SketchUp changes geometry on its own, … unless drawn new edges pass existing vertices that are in the same drawing context and within SketchUp’s tolerance.
Best thing is to separate logical chunks of geometry by using groups and/or components.

Could you share the file with described issue? That would make answering easier.

I think I may had something very similar as the problem you are having.

I had modelled a large framing model using the Push/Pull tool, after a period I notice some of my height vortexes weren’t matching other height vortexes within my model. It was like you there was a “changed by less than .001 degree”. I could not figure out what causing the problem. I spent a day trying to fix it but I couldn’t. So built a new model and happened again. I spent about three days trying to fix this problem. I finally checked every vortexes value in the model at an accuracy of 0.001 mm (luckily my model was still horizontal so check the vortexes value were very easy). I still could not find any problems then I decided to change the accuracy to its maximum (0.000001 mm) then I find it. Somehow one of my Push/Pull event was out by 10 thousandths of a millimetre. This had a ripple effect through the model. This was enough to notice the changed in the angle of the straight line between the correct vortex values and incorrect value vortex values.

I’d imagine if you check the individual vortex values for all your points you’ll would find that one will be out by a tiny amount.

I recently had this type of problem - on a big building model some edges had lost their accuracy by a very tiny amount. Spent some hours trying to figure out and what I noticed is that in certain cases of using the rectangle tool on a face trying to snap on its edges (like having a pillar and drawing a beam on its side) the rec tool is unable snap on the points - instead it’s sort of rotated or its sides are inaccurate. It’s frustrating - its very difficult to locate the bad edges and even more difficult to correct them and ruins my work flow… Hope there is a way to check such problems in a larger scale and maybe prevent or correct them automatically?

Unfortunately without a model there isn’t much to say about how to prevent this from happening.
Other work flow or other tools? Or maybe something else.
Change of drawing axes?

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True, still working on it though. As soon as it’s finished I’ll upload and explain the issue I’m facing…