Android app not showing latest changes to my files

Pardon me if this question has been asked and answered elsewhere, maybe I haven’t been using the correct keywords in my searches.


  1. Create a MagnificentObject in Sketchup Free Web using Chrome on my PC, save and close
  2. Open Sketchup Viewer on my Android phone, view MagnificentObject via Trimble Connect, marvel at its magnificence, notice a flaw in my design!!
  3. Fire up Sketchup Free Web app using Chrome on my PC again, load file, make adjustments, save, close
  4. Open Sketchup Viewer on my ANdroid phone, view MagnificentObject via Trimble Connect, Notice NO CHANGES!!

I’ve attempted various cache deletions, etc, but it never seems to update on the phone viewer app. It seems like there’s perhaps a cached version on the phone that isn’t being updated to the version on the Web. If I open it using the Web App on Chrome on my PC, the changes have indeed saved.

Current work-around:
Open the file using the Web App, make the changes, and then save it as a new file. Then I can open that new file on the Android app. Unfortunately, this has to be repeated every time I make any updates to my MagnificentObject.

What am I missing?

I’m not sure if there is an option to update a previously downloaded model, and there is a danger if someone is out showing the approved model to a client, and an undesirable change by a colleague suddenly replaces the one you were planning to show.

The safest and quickest solution is to delete the model from the app, and then download it again.

Aha, thanks for the clarification! So, if I’m baggin’ what yer mowin’, then this is a semi-intentional functionality of the viewer app. That’s fair enough, and I can just do as you suggest: delete and re-download (I hadn’t tried because of fear I’d be deleting the original).

If I could be so bold, I’d say this is a rather inelegant solution to an otherwise very elegant app, so it seems a wee bit counterintuitive, but I also understand the design decision. If I were on your dev team, I would recommend a back-end that checks if changes have occurred, and displays an icon indicating as such; then have a menu option to update the downloaded version to the modified version, with an “are you sure” dialogue. Then, if you wanna get super wild and crazy, you could add an option to revert to previous version. And one step further, have an option to Lock the file (may not even need a password, just a checkbox) to prevent accidental changes.

But, I am not a dev, and I am only a Sketchup Free user, and I only use it for my small personal projects, so I can’t assert that I represent even a tiny fraction of Sketchup users … Take my suggestions with that in mind. As it stands, Sketchup (and it’s companion Android app) are simply stellar products, and I cannot really complain.

Keep being awesome!

Crazy thing, I thought for a moment that you had replied after 19 days, but it was that the notification of your reply hadn’t shown up for me, and I’m the one replying 19 days later!

@MikeTadros may well have the idea of showing an “update available” icon as a better solution on his list of improvements.

Thanks for making the suggestions.

@irelandm Understood. Agreed. And noted. The file handling workflows for the Mobile Viewer apps are admittedly antiquated. We’re working to modernize them. Good stuff in the works…

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