Android and iOS SDK for Sketch up file

Hi All,

From where I will be able to get Android and iOS SDK to load the SketchUp file. Please help me by providing the resource or any link.

I don’t think version one had the SDK, (and not many are using that version as well, I presume), for the latest, you need to join and register as a developer:

It handles the .skp format, but there is no direct SDK for mobile apps

Thanks for the reply.

I have gone through the above link, and it seems that I can able to download the MAC and Windows SDK, and I am looking for Android and iOS SDK to load the sketch up file.

Take note that the C API (SDK) has it’s own versioning. Current (from “version.txt”) is:
2021 Jun 03: Api Version 9.1 - SketchUp 2021.1

(There was no C API update for the last 2021.1.1 application release.)

The initial C API 1.0 release was for SketchUp v2013.0 …
2013 May 22: API Version 1.0 - SketchUp 2013 M0

Please use “SketchUp” as it is a registered trademark (and not “sketch up”).

As Jack said, there is not yet available public SDKs for mobile systems (Android , iOS or otherwise.) IF there were, they would be on the SDK download page.

This subject has been discussed previously (and commented upon by Trimble employees) …

I have opened proper API requests in the SketchUp GitHub API tracker where you can add comments and make your case for these new SDKs: