Linux version of the SketchUp C SDK?

Any chance of seeing a Linux build of the Sketchup C SDK in the future?
We’re moving all of our pipeline tools (conversion and stuff) to Linux, so we it would be awesome to be able to read the Sketchup file format on Linux!

Noooooo, not Sketchup. Linux Sketchup C SDK! Seems to be standalone to me, i would be surprised if it would be much difference to their MacOS build.

Hey, it’s a file format, integrating their file format in various places generates future license sales.
No worries, be happy!

This has been requested before.

For now, would it be possible on your Linux server to run some Windows VM on demand to do the conversion, and put the new file in a shared space so the Linux side could access it afterward ?

It is reasonable in a way. Let’s say you want to write an Internet-based application that interacts with sketch up files. Maybe it is just a simple viewer where it loads the sketch up file and displays it in the web browser. Maybe it lets you create geometry in the web browser and then download that as a sketch up file. Both of these are possible using the SDK.

Now if you are running a Web app, chances are likely that the operating system that you use is linux or another UNIX-based system. Having a Linux SDK for sketch up would allow developers to write applications on Linux that work directly with the sketch up files without needing to have a Windows installation and running the graphical front end.

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Thanks Dan!
Yes, we still have a few Windows boxes too, but would rather have one set of tools in the long run.
This thread was just waving a small flag from my side that a Linux C SDK build would be nice to have! :grin:
Linux + SDK in the search generated nada hits, that’s why I thought it was a hitherto unrequested thingie.
Sorry for reviving an old corpse, if that’s what I did! :disappointed_relieved:

Touché Jim,
Exactly our use-case!

And in a way not, Jim. Because Trimble already has cloud based services touching these points. Unless this is some kind of commercial revenue stream (subscription based,) I cannot see Trimble providing free tools that compete with their own services. It just doesn’t sound “smart.”

@joulsoun, I would suggest contacting Trimble Connect, and ask them about cloud-based on-demand file conversion services.

Every time in the past, when I’ve asked a Trimble employee about server-side terms, they’ve said they do not license anything yet to run on servers. But, the service terms change often so do your own research.

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Interesting, didn’t think about licensing for server-side, thanks for the heads up!

it’s so depressed. our server need to validate the skp files.

Any chance of moving SketchUp completely to a or format?

When working with different file formats and different softwares it becomes again and again noticeable what a bottleneck it is when a file format depends on a single binary software. Currently the way to “escape” 3D data out of .skp is to write an exporter, then export out of SketchUp (usually running the SketchUp client application on a supported system). There are more exporters than other softwares/services have skp-importers. Even the SketchUp developers have promoted the use of Collada as exchange format. Too bad that users save their work as .skp files.

@CharellkingQu: Would it be possible to adjust the pipeline to a different file format (e.g. Collada)? Or to ask your users to provide e.g. Collada files?

Unfortunately, current SketchUp Collada (DAE) format has limitations for metric users (or anyone needing units other that inches.) See the following topic: