Android 12.2" SM-P905 Offline App Or Cloud!?

I am a senior aged student of interior design.

My device is : Android 12.2" SM-P905 Samsung 12.2" SM-P905

I wish to use SketchUp Free : either from the cloud - online, or;

As an application - offline.

I am having difficulties initiating e i t h e r of these alternatives.

Could you assist pleàpse?

Offline SketchUp (Pro 2020 or Make 2017) requires a computer that runs a desktop version of Windows or MacOS. Also the cloud versions (Free or Shop) are not designed to work with tablet devices, with them you should use either a computer or a device like Chromebook where you can use a mouse and a keyboard.

Sure as “heck” don’t work on an iPad Pro!

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