An Upgrade to the Entity Info Panel?

It would be nice to have a ‘Visibility’ checkbox (i.e. Layer 'visibility) added next to the hidden checkbox option that’s already in place on this panel.

This would allow for a nice combination of Layer controls without having to go through the extra steps of opening up the Layer Panels just to set the visibility of a layer which I typically already created from within the Entity Info panel in the first place.

I pretty much make all of my new Layers from within the Entity Info panel, since that’s also the place where I need to go if I’m assigning an object to a layer anyhow.

So, in that sense having the option to also assign the layers visibility at the same time that I’m creating a new layer name, or simple changing between existing layers, would be a nice convience to have.

While it would certainly be practical not to have to open the Layer Panel and manually find the layer I think it would be unwise to control this from Entity Info. There is already a lot of confusion regarding what layers are how Entity visibility works. Controlling a property of the layer, not the Entity, from Entity Info would be even more confusing.

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