"Hidden" flag in entity info window

I would like to see (and toggle) the “Hidden” property of a line/face/group/component via a tic box on the *entity info" window (as accessed by the r-click context menu and the edit menu) similar to the ‘soft’ and ‘smooth’ tics for lines.

This would allow you to easily see what level/depth of nesting that any entity could be hidden.

I would like to see the Edit | Un-hide menu options changed to

  • Selected
  • Last
  • All in context {this would act as it does just now}
  • All below context {this would un-hide all in the current context and within any nested geometry within it}
  • All {this would un-hide every item of geometry, no matter the context}

It already is there. But you must have the extended “Details” pane visible. Click the down arrow expand button that has the plus “+” character below it. The tooltip says something like “Show Details”.

If you have multiple objects selected, … then checking the Hidden checkbox will apply to every thing selected.

If you wish to hide or unhide all, then use CTRL+A keyboard shortcut to select all, then use the Hidden checkbox on EntityInfo.