An SU Rival?

Well perhaps not, but another take on trying to make building design software even simpler. It seems you just draw lines & those lines can be parametrically zapped into building components/elements.

Interesting idea I guess for basic quick 3D modelling !

It’s not a rival, more an alternative to other BIM systems and a way to design buildings. SketchUp is something else. This is an alternative to he alternative:

Not come across that one either, not that I’m searching. If I’m reading this right, its an eyewatering $150 per/month…yikes !!!

Snaptrude isn’t cheap either. I think Modumate is here longer. It might be more robust but I’m not certain. It’s based in Unreal engine and it does look very interesting.

Here’s another:

For interactive editing with VR.

What both have in common besides twice the cost is the ability to collaborate in the cloud, complete with projectsoftware and data storage.

So let’s hope they take information management and data seriously, something Trimble is iso certified for:

(And btw, the collaboration and projectsoftware comes included with the Go (< €10 per month) and Pro (< €23 per month)

Don’t post too many competitors, marketing might reconsider pricing :slight_smile:

I could never use that - it has the same name as the dentist I went to as a a child. A nice person and a friend of my parents but rather rough as dentists go…