An Outliner Question

Looking a the above screenshot, I see some outliner entries have a box around the component icon. What does that mean? I think that those entries were groups at one time, but I’m not sure.

Looks like the box indicates a group. In your case is it possible it’s a group of components?

Yes, note the little arrow that means the tree will expand.

I surely wasn’t trying to make a group of components. I just converted the “Arm Middle” from a group to a component, though.

If you look at arm middle you will find it is made of several groups or components, it may well just be double nesting.

What were the steps you used to do that? I’ll guess you opened the group for editing, selected all of the geometry, and created a component. This would indeed result in the nesting as described above. No need for that. Explode the top level group leaving just the component.

I see what you mean. Two diffenent things are called “Arm Middle”. I didn’t intend to do that. Will that cause problems?

Yes, you guessed it.

I just exploded the upper part of the group and now that separated the “Pivot Arm” from the “Arm Middle”. I will have to start checking outliner to make sure I’m not fat fingering more potential snafus. Thanks to Shep, Box and DaveR.