An interesting steam engine design

Dear All,

I was inspired by an old video of Aaron’s.

I sketched a different steam engine model from apparently the same source. I chose this model because it has an interesting way of operating. Usually, cylinders operate in opposition. In this design, they operate in parallel.

My new goal is to make this in my shop in the next month. I will post the results, if they happen.

The original drawings:

BERNAY-A3y.pdf (3.4 MB)

A few images of the model I done did:

The model file:

Bernay Engine.skp (4.9 MB)

I will also upload the model to my 3D warehouse page.

Thanks for taking a peek.


Chip “off the old” Block


Nice work. I modeled that one a few weeks ago. It’s an interesting engine.

I forgot to mention that the model is 1000x scale. There is a copy of the model at the correct scale in the file if one looks for it.

3 orders of magnitude makes difference, regardless.

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