An error occurred when connecting to 3D Warehouse

“An error occurred when connecting to 3D Warehouse”

I was busy rendering my floorplan, using the 3d warehouse then one time, I’m choosing my next component suddenly this note appear, and now I can’t use it anymore and it’s stressing the hell out of me. pls help T.T

I’m using SketchUp Pro version 22.0.353

That’s not sketchup for schools. Sketchup for schools is a web based version for children in elementary school.

Are you using a cracked version of sketchup or a licensed one?

How many models have you downloaded from the 3DWH already? Some years ago Trimble put a limit to downloads due to people downloading hundreds of models with commercial purposes.

this is what I have in my mac. downloaded models offline or used in my work?

It’s not possible to download offline.
You’re not answering any of the questions, we can’t help you if you don’t give us the exact information.

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What exactly do you need to help me?

This is SketchUp Pro 2022. I’m using my university email to login. It says here no classic license found. I’m using SketchUp Free subscription. I already used a lot models from 3DWH for my floor plan, I think 50+

You must’ve covered your daily allowed downloads, try in a few hours, probably tomorrow you can be able to download again. I don’t recommend to download objects from the 3DWH, it’s better to create your own assets, 3DWH has a lot of ridiculously over detailed objects that make your file impossible to work with, and some models have corrupted geometry that could cause crashes or corrupt your file, assets don’t need to be extremely detailed, and don’t need to be bigger than 2 megabytes.

thanks for the advice. I’ll send an update tom.

it did work. I overused it for a day but today, I get to dl model from the warehouse again

There is a lot of contradictory information in these 2 sentences…