AMD graphics going into 2019


I am looking at the RX 570 & 580 for my next GPU. A search of these forums suggests that AMD has had issues in general and openGL implementation specifically. However, those posts are quite dated. Curious to know if this is still the case or are people using AMD nowadays with no issues?



If you have a choice of graphics cards with SketchUp in mind, you should be looking at Nvidia GTX-10xx or 20xx cards. If you look, you’ll see that users have very few if any issues with Nvidia cards.



as I mentioned, I have looked, but have not seen anyone with issues with AMD recently…



The main current issue is that very few renderers support AMD’s OpenCL. Most support NVIDIA’s Cuda.

I have generally preferred AMD in the past because they have had better image quality/colour depth support. May become more important using a high dynamic range monitors with greater colour depth - starting to come on the market, and bearing in mind that rendering is all about high dynamic range imaging. Obviously fairly high end work flow.

Indigo renderer

Apparently supports Open CL/AMD

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AMD website

Includes a further link to every app certified by AMD.

Windows 10 not certified yet.



AMD CPU rendering

explains value of AMD GPU’s in a CPU render workflow