Ambient Occlusion in Layout not showing

I have sections saved as scenes in sketchup and saved them with a style with Ambient Occlusion turned on.
In Layout, when I go to these scenes, the Ambient Occlusion does not appear and does not appear on the exported PDF.
How do you get Ambient Occlusion to appear in Layout?

How are your viewports rendered in LayOut? The following example has the Face Style set to Hidden Line. In Raster, left and Hybrid, center, AO is displayed. It won’t be in Vector, though since there are no faces displayed.

What you need to change depends on the exact setup you currently have. Share the LO file so we can see.

test ambient 1.skp (114.1 KB)
test ambient 1 Layout.layout (208.2 KB)

Yes the style is hidden line, updated with ambient occlusion turned on. The viewport is a raster.

I didn’t see the AO when I initially opened your LO file. Then I relinked the reference to the SketchUp file you shared and I get this.

Did you set the AO after sending the file to LayOut?

The referenced model is current and the Ambient Occlusion shows in the sketchup model, but I can’t get it to appear in Layout. Is there perhaps a Layout preference of setting that needs turned on?

I didn’t turn anything on or make any settings.

Try relinking the model even though it shows as current.

It might be related to your old graphics card. What Mac OS are you using?

Probably this box must be ticked in PreferencesPerformance:

On Windows there’s no difference for me.

@dt25 any difference in this file?
test ambient occl.layout (303.3 KB)

Just like with Dave, the AO effect doesn’t show when I open the LayOut file you posted, but it appears when I update the SketchUp model reference.

After restarting layout, the test file is now showing the Ambient Occlusion correctly.
However, on my more complex layout files with larger model and multiple viewports, it is still not showing.
I have tried it with the experimental graphics engine turned on and off, but makes no difference.

Perhaps it is it a graphics card thing?


On your more complex models do you have any overrides for the style in the SketchUp Model panel?

I’ve just tried copying and pasting the same viewport into a new page and it seems to then show the AO. And when I go back to the original page it is also there. Not ideal, but at least it is showing.