Always face camera even in top view

I’d like to make a certain component ALWAYS face camera even in top view looking down. I can set it to always face camera in every direction but up and down. Is there a way to set it to literally ALWAYS face camera?

Sort of. There is no way to set the native “always face camera” to include up and down. However I have used a workaround that does achieve something close to this. First make a component with the face you want to follow set parallel to the red component axis, set this to follow. Then nest that component inside another component shell with the red component axis set at 90˚ vertical, and set this second parent component to follow as well.

The resulting nested component will attempt to follow the camera in 2 axis and does pretty OK, however sometimes it gets confused and tries to flip the component upside-down to keep the face toward you. No perfect.

In theory you could triple nest the component with the axis set to 90˚ each time and get a smoother gimbaled facing component?? But I have not yet tried the dream within a dream within a dream.



I’ve done the two axes face me as well, and tried for the third, but didn’t succeed at what I was trying to do; I couldn’t get camera roll to work. I wonder about the order they’re nested in, but gave up at the time. [edit] I’m not sure you need the third axis though. The two axes you’ve done might be enough for the solution as is.

I’ve used this to make a neutral gray color card for rendering and post processing just like the real world WhiBal card I use in photography. Place it in the scene and it always faces the camera.

20220908 Gray card 4-720p