Alternative "Delete Coplanar Edges" Plugin


Sketchup 2015 Make
Mac OS 10.10.4

I’m new to Sketchup and a friend recommended deletecoplanaredges.rb by CAD Addict to quickly delete edges of overlapping elements. I downloaded the file and installed the plugin but it returns an error message when I restart Sketchup.

I’ve tried to contact the developer but haven’t received reply.

Two questions:
Could this be a compatibility issue? The CAD Addict website doesn’t list compatibility requirements.
Is there an alternative that will work on a Mac?


ThomThom’s CleanUp³ is worth having.

But it may not specifically have this edge deleter ? (It does have a coplanar face merger.)


The Ruby file for that plugin lists 2005 as the last version date. If that is true, it very likely needs to be updated for compatibility with SketchUp versions 2014 and later, since they use a newer version of Ruby.


Is this website the original source of the plugin(s)? I get various listings when I Google “CAD Addict”.

If SMustard is the original source, then get it only from them.