Is there a plugin that would remove co-planar softened edges from a face?

I have created some mostly part-elliptical-shaped faces from a custom Ruby script I wrote, using add_faces_to_mesh . I can use Joint PushPull to make them into 3d solids.

But I’d like to delete the softened edges to make a single face on the side of the solid, either before or after PushPulling it.

How might I do that (in principle) if there isn’t such a plugin.

I could do it manually, but there are around a hundred edges in each face, and about a dozen different objects to do it to, so it would be tedious and error prone.

Any suggestions?

PS. Google may have the answer here:

Just found that after writing above post.

Will see if it still works in SU 2017.

There is also CleanUp in the extension warehouse.
It can delete coplanar edges from the model or from a selection. Awesome extension to have.


Thanks - I’d forgotten that Cleanup does what I want, alongside its other talents. I’ll get it.

And Google reveals that (at least in 2009) there is/was an SMustard plugin which also deletes coplanar edges.