Aloha from Hawaii. Which 'SketchUp' should I purchase for small house?

Question: I need to design a very simple small house with complete drawings/blueprints & material list for building permit.

16’ by 12’ cottage with loft
Post & beam
Maui Building Code compliant

SketchUp 2019 which will give you SketchUp and LayOut. SketchUp for modeling and LayOut for the documents.

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Mahalo David,
Will the free version allow me to show rafter, beams & floor joist sizes & locations?

What SketchUp provides in this regard is similar in all version. That is: a modeling program. The paid version gives you LayOut as well which helps you make documents from the model. Try the free (online) or do a trial of the paid desktop version to see if SketchUp is what you need. Yes you can make full drawings, especially with the combination SketchUp and LayOut. It’s harder with SketchUp alone. It may be that SketchUp isn’t what you want at all, but there’s a good trial period before you buy.

By itself SketchUp doesn’t do anything related to building construction or codes. You provide ALL of that by drawing the model. However there are plugins and pre-made models that can help.

Can you still use tofu block foundations over there?

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Yes! Tofu Bocks are still OK as long as you put a termite plate & use treated lumber.

Do you miss Shave Ice?!!


Chris Gardner

I got you started! You could have this much up in a day. You’ll have to lift it up to put the plates in.

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No. I miss spoon meat.

Perfect! Just need a deck & hot tub!