Aline object with axis

I have this object from a downloaded stl file.
It is not aligned with the axis so I can’t close the bottom in a solid disc.
this file is the bottom part of it.
How do I do that?
I have tried the axis align tool, but maybe I am just thick, because I can’t figure out how.

tester.skp (2.4 MB)

Indeed your bottom circle is warped a bit, the third number in each set is the Z axis which gives you an idea of how close it is. I was able to heal the surface to two planes by drawing a line in just the right place, but not one as it is.

I used the extension Eneroth Flatten to plane to fix this. By turning the camera to parallel projection and setting the standard view from the side I was able to quickly select the bottom ring of edges and run the extension. Then heal the surface by overdrawing a singe line.

Ah, better now.

thanks, I had that extension, just never used it = works nice, I think.

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Huh, for some reason my gifs are not uploading properly right now, weird. The steps I outlined work well, here is the copy I adjusted to check, but you can absolutely do this. The only challenge is selecting only the bottom edges which parallel projection and a right hand select box make easy.

tester1.skp (2.5 MB)