Aligning Grid lines to the center of wood planks


I am trying to mark the center of a plank of wood, but every time that I try to draw a grid line it creates it on the wrong axis, in the image that I have uploaded I am trying to create the grid along the green line, and not where you can see I have created 2 grids already.


Which axis do you want it on? You should be able to drag a guideline from an edge and snap the cursor to the midpoint along the neighboring edge.
The cyan marks indicate the midpoint of the edge.

Yes but everytime that I do this it creates a grid mark on the edge of the wood.

I am trying to create a gridline along the center of the wood so thast I can place another intercecting wood against it, but for some reason it was not allowing me to find the center of the wood, thus I thought if I can place a center guide on the upright wood, then I will be able to move the other section of wood to the correct position.

I can grab hold of the center at the end of the other peice of wood but when I move it into position of this peice ofd wood it would not allow me to select the center of this wood, thus the need to place a grid line along the height of the wood in the center of one face, but what ever I try it just makes grids at the edges of the wood.


You shouldn’t need to use any guide lines (not grid lines) but if you want to put them on the face, you should be able to do that, too. Click once on the edge and drag the guideline in to find the midpoint of the neighboring edge as I showed.

Ar, Thanks again, I see what I was doiung wrong, I was drawing the tape measure from a corner, thanks again…

VERY much appreciated…


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