Alien Element Has Appeared: Cannot Edit

I see an element which is within a group, yet the border box does not enclose it. upon trying to select to identify this rogue element (which by the way I did not create), it disappears and is not editable.

See: - YouTube

Can you upload the model to the warehouse or dropbox or something so we can have a look.
No point attaching it to the forum at the moment as the file attachments system seems to be broken.

Looks like a corrupted WC component ?
Can you do a Save_As on that component and try editing it outside of the main Model…
Run Model Info > Statistics > Fix issues option on the WC and then the main Model.
Then ‘reload’ the WC into the main Model…
Any joy ?

A video doesn’t give us much of anything to go on.
Instead of forcing us to guess, do as @Box suggests, share the model.

My guess is the “alien element” is the product of an errant (incomplete) selection and subsequent move.
• Selected geometry moved.
• Unselected geometry stayed in place.
• Interconnecting edges merely stretched.

Questions for @wcndave
Do you have a habit of using the Hide command?
Are you using Layers?

As in this image from a post years ago, we’ve seen this kind of of stuff before.
Working with the model will help us find out why.

I’m not sure why you chose to ask a question then ignored the answers/questions and went to another thread.

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Sorry, I’ve been away. I managed to explode the element with all layers shown, then deleted the errant part, and group again, so I solved my immediate issue.