Advice needed, how to recreate wave-like geometric art

I’m fairly new to sketchup - trying to recreate this style of geometric art to print on CNC. I’ve been playing around with sandbox tools, artisan plug-in, etc. but nothing is coming out quite right. Any suggestions or youtube tutorials you think would be helpful, please let me know. Thanks so much!

Image from iOS (2)|690x475

Ambitious question.

I kind of like the idea of Clothworks for this result, but, you really have to have all your settings, stretch, grid size, density, etc x10 perfectly in proportion with each other…

Way too much friction

Less friction. Cloth scale too high. Not enough droop.

Maybe scale out the spines, then scale in the resulting cloth, to get more droop. Probably need different thicknesses for different spines, as well. Very “artsy” extension, clothworks. It’s anyone’s guess how many hours it would take to get all the settings just right…

Or you could try Curviloft? But you need Fredo Spline or another extension to get the bezier profiles first, and the Fredo Spline UI is rather crazy; and, you need to customize three or four different profiles to loft along in order to achieve all the pinching in your example, or even more - when I tried with 3x2 profiles, I got undesirable S-bending with the Orthogonal curve options…

Or, there’s some super-easy method I am not thinking of…

Scale by Tools

Bitmap to Mesh

Here is a simple method using only native tools that affords you less control than some of the excellent extensions mentioned above but might help get you started. Follow Me is native but won’t do tight curves, so keep the curves long, hence the extra step of scaling the wall down after extruding. Using Eneroth Upright Extruder for this would make it easier but I wanted to start with all native tools. Pardon the pauses, solid operations sometimes take a while to complete.

Next step for the other image you posted would be to set up a cutting “comb” to remove the parts not used.

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