Advice for creating relief carved arch panel?

I am hoping to model this arched panel w relief carvings, for the purpose exporting to Vcarve to CNC…

Any suggestions for techniques/ plugins?


On the plus side, the most detailed part of it is mirrored both within itself and either side of the arch. So you only have to do one of the four halves and then mirror copy.

On the down side, there are a heck of a lot of curves. You can do quite a lot with native arc tools but it will be long winded.

Do you have a section so you know which bits are rcessed back and which stick out, and by how much?

Vcarve would read that image if it is appropriate and all you need to do is set the cutters, their shape and their depth. Attempting to ‘model’ shapes for cutting is a bit too complex for basic sketchup.

To clarify, I’d like to make a 3d Model of a gothic arched panel…
Can SU do this sort of thing?
If so, what are some techniques/ plugins for that?

No, but you can, with SketchUp.


It can be modeled in SketchUp. I used nothing but native tools for this. I’m sure it’s not accurate enough and I’m not going to bother with the rest of it. This is just to show it can be done.

Similar idea. All of the detail on the front of the chest is “carved” into the panel.

Dave, I bow to thee. Am amazed as always.

Now I just have to learn how to do that for the rosettes, etc.
Aspire has a automated feature for such things, but it is $2k…

Och! No need to bow to me. It’s just a matter of getting really familiar with the native tools. In some cases extensions might make some things easier but it really is a case of learning to use the tools well. Practice.

The thing in your drawing, rosettes, carved shells and other things are all basically the same.