Advice don't even know where to start with modeling a 2014+ Tundra Crewmax



I need help drawing a 2014+ Tundra Crewmax, pretty much from scratch… and im not to sure where to even start, I drew a G63 6x6 that is on the warehouse I got tired of waiting two years so I drew it with a full interior… I took a regular G-wagon SUV and meshed it with the rear-end of a GTAV Dubsta 6x6 model someone ripped… please help.


What do you need help with?


getting the general shape started, like where do I begin?


upload the .skp file so we can see what you are trying to do


I’d start by taking critical dimensions of the car, then 3D modeling it’s basic shape. It’s good to have reference images. You can use match photo. I’d recommend drawing the car low poly, then using a subdivision plugin (Artisan Organic Toolset or SubD) for modeling the organic details. There are tutorials on Youtube. Also, cars have lots of repeated elements (like wheels), so components will be useful. You can also make the car halves components, then scale one to -1. Then you only have to model half the car because it’s mirrored.


Tundra Crewmax.skp (335.4 KB)


Try starting with the images on the inside of the box and put your model inside the box too. That way you can set parallel projection and use the standard views for Front, Left, Right, Back to line the images up with your model. I’ve done that in this .skp, with the front and back swapped over and transparent material on the back faces so you don’t have to keep hiding the images, you can just look through them from the outside, but see the image on the inside.

Tundra Crewmax GM.skp (332.1 KB)

I’ve left the inside of the box empty for you to fill with vehicle :wink:


On my phone so I can’t check the file, but I would start with reference images like this:


that’s basically what I want to do but have never figured out how to do that so it mirrors what you do one both sides at the same time


You just build one half and then copy, paste and flip at the end.


You made the G63 6x6, was it easier? I mean … don’t they look almost the same? I apologize for my ignorance. That G63 6x6 on the warehouse looks like a pretty detailed model.


Am I doing it right? Tundra Crewmax.skp (461.9 KB)


Not quite, this video should be helpful:


it was really weird how I did it, I took the front and rear door section of a a normal G-Wagon SUV from the warehouse, then took rear bed section of the the Dubsta 6x6 scaled them similarly. then I put the two models inside of each other, deleted the cab and engine section of the Dubsta and the rear trunk section behind the second row doors on the G-wagon I did none of the original vehicle modeling other than the interior which most of that is ripped from a BUNCH of different other cars from the warehouse

like the seats, steering wheel I did draw some of the stuff but not all


so I need a top- Down view and those plugins?

maybe the best one I could find


Yes it will be difficult without plugins, top down is not essential but it depends on your skill level if you are able to model it by sight alone without any plans.


ok ill try and see of the ones used in the video work with 18 Pro… and learn how to use them lol


Yes the main plugins you need will work no problem with Pro 2018


I didn’t see the all these videos but this playlist maybe helps depending on the level detail you need for your model.