Advanced Follow Me Tool!

Would be cool to have a follow me tool that allowed you to choose the orientation of the face upon reaching the end on the path!

It would be even better if the outside of the resulting shape was always on the outside.

And if an extrusion was an extension to another of the same profile then it automatically continued (rather than leaving the profile lines at the join)

I would also like to have the extrusion follow/draw over existing lines like it does just now except that the geometry does not need to be connected or joined in the one envelope: basically have it work like drawing a line does (clicking to add “changes of direction” nodes and either clicking on an existing node or changing tools closes the path and draws the extrusion.)

Another improvement would be if you could define the extrusion as a “cutting bit” with one click application. (Rather than the three or four clicks you need to do it just now.)

A developmental improvement would be to transform the shape at the end of the path and have the extrusion gradate between the start and end shapes. (Scale and rotation are the two basic transformations I was thinking on) {Have a variable to define number of steps along the path just like you can change the number of segments of a circle}

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Yes! Follow me is one of my favourite tools but this would make it so much better!

Profile Builder Extension has some advanced features much more than just flipping face.

I supposed having a modifier key to reverse the faces of end result would be a logical method to this.