What is the Extension similar to follow me tool that rotates at the same time?

In a Follow-me like tool, it seems like there was an Extension that had the ability to rotate or maybe the user had the shape at each end of the line but one end had it rotated and SU combined them and that created rotation? Thanks.

Perhaps Follow Me/And Rotate on the SketchUcation store? It does not work on SketchUp 2017/8/9, however.

Profile builder 3 allows you to string objects (components) along a path with quite a bit of placement control. Using it at the moment to string villas along a road centreline and can interactively control the spacing, offset distance, etc…

its a great plugin… and worth the $ if you do architectural work…

try this, you have to do some “work”:

Curviloft is the most straightforward for what you describe.

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That is fantastic! I had heard of Curviloft but didn’t realize it could do that. Much appreciated.