Adjust Attribute of a Component and Entire Model Disappears or Distorted (sliced-looking)

I am making a school bus model that has both front doors swing open when the door is clicked. So that it interacts like a school bus in real life.

I selected all parts of the front doors and made that one component and then I selected the two halves to make the individual door components. I flipped one of the doors along an axis to switch the pivot point.

Unfortunately, I got the angles of rotation out of sync from one another, so one door side swings way open when the other door approaches closing. Now when I attempt to adjust the angles through with the doors are swinging by entering the onclick behavior of
ANIMATE(“FrontDoorBack!DoorOpen”, 180,90); ANIMATE(“FrontDoorFront!DoorOpen”,0,90)
The entire bus model disappears suddenly. I pan and orbit around (moving closer to the origin), until I find the bus, but then it looks like a weird slice (changes with my perspective) has been taken out of the model.

Interestingly, if I change that DoorOpen float value on either of the door sides, that door side disappears entirely and the remainder of the model remains on the screen.

I am really new to Sketchup. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

File is too large to attach, so I uploaded a screenshot

. Sorry, I will be sure to credit the people on 3D warehouse who I borrowed the bus exterior and driver’s seats from in my final model.

the movement is likely due to editing the doors without the parent present, that is the x,y,z no longer reference the parents axis and origin. You can escape back to the very top parent and a redraw (right click menu, “dynamic components” ) should fix it.
So with screen shot you would edit “frontdoor back” or “frontdoor front” but not “front door”

try for rotz in frontdoorback
= 180 - dooropen

This worked wonderfully! I copied the doors over from a previous version and added the dynamic attributes and animations. Thanks so much!